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Voice Search Engine Optimization: 5 Best Voice SEO Strategies

Voice Search Engine Optimization; maybe you are hearing it for the very first time.

If yes, then you must know about this. Voice search engine optimization is the future of SEO.

In the coming years, this will be a very important part of the SEO world.

Today I am gonna tell you the 5 best ways that you should adopt in order to optimize your site for Voice SEO.

If you are a blogger then it is very important to know about voice search trends. This will allow you to increase the search engine traffic of your blog.

Google has already added the voice search option to its search engine.

Google has made it a lot easier for users to come to Google. And the usability of Google has increased a lot. If you are also a Google user, it must have been used.

What Is Google Voice Search?

Google Voice Search is a function that allows you to search by voice. Instead of typing in Google, you can also easily search by voice search.

Whenever anyone wants to search by voice search, the voice is first converted to text and then the search is done.

It is available on both mobile and desktop devices. But more and more mobile users use it.

When you go to Google search, there will be a microphone icon next to the search box. By clicking on it you will be able to search for anything by speaking.

The highest benefit to those who are less educated or illiterate. Because by doing so they can easily access the internet. If you have to watch a movie or do something else, then you can easily search by speaking on Google Voice Search.

That’s why every kind of person just started using a voice search for a better experience. In my case, sometimes I use voice search in Google.

Most people in my village are illiterate but still, 70% of people have mobile with an internet connection.

Those people just watch online movies on their mobile. Well, the voice search feature has already been launched and it has been added too in Google too long.

Earlier it was used by very few people, but in the present time, Voice Search has millions of users.

A lot of changes have been done in voice search right now and hence voice search is now much better.

All of you will know that when we do the voice search, it will show results that are mostly “featured snippet”.

If you optimize your site for voice search, Google SERPs have a lot of chances to show your site post in the featured snippet.

Below we are going to tell you about this, considered know better.

5 Best Tips to Optimize Your Blog for Voice Search SEO?

Voice Search Engine Optimization: 5 Best Voice SEO Strategies
Voice Search Engine Optimization: 5 Best Voice SEO Strategies

Well, considering now how to optimize for Voice Search: 5 Simple Voice Search SEO Strategies.

Think Like a Human:

To optimize the blog for voice search SEO, it is most important that you have to think what people generally think and accordingly to that you have to optimize their blog and content. For this, when you are doing research, you can search by typing in a word or sentence that usually people search. Whatever keyword you choose, add some other word along with it. As you are going to use such kind of keywords in your post.


GoaGoa airfareGoa vacationTip: In this, you have to add some words that often people search. like… Cost for air travel to Goa Goa vacation informationBest Goa vacation package


In this way, you can optimize your blog and content for voice search SEO by using its relevant words with keywords. You have to use a word in the keyword that often people search.


Use Question Phrases:

Suppose that when you use voice search, what more do you speak?

If I talk about it, then I would say more in voice search than any question.

And in some way, I would say “what is blogging and how to start a blog for free” people often ask a question in voice search. So you have to answer your content by giving a question in the heading and sub-heading.

As if you are defining the definition of blogging in your post, do not just write “Blogging” in the heading but type in “what is blogging”.

This will make the search engine feel good about what you are talking about.

With this, you have to keep in mind that only heading and sub-heading is to use h1, h2, h3, h4. It will also be easier for your readers to understand it.

Optimize for Semantics SEO:

The semantic SEO is very important for all bloggers in the present time. It is going to be very important even in the coming time.

So if you are a blogger then optimize it on your blog. If you want to optimize your blog for voice search SEO then it is most important to you.

Google wants to know exactly what its users search for, giving them the right answer. Add a lot of features and options for this.

You all know about the Google Knowledge Graph This is also a part of Google’s semantic SEO. Sometimes when you search on Google, Google shows you based on your location.

As if you search on Google that “Hotels near me” then Google will trace your location first and accordingly it will show results.

Apart from this, instant results also show in Google. These are all part of Semantic SEO.

We are going to tell you some tips below which will help in optimizing your blog’s semantic SEO.

  1. Verify your blog in Google My
  2. Business.Choose a topic about which people want to know more.
  3. Write a post on your visitor who wants to go about it.
  4. Try to give full information about what you post about your blog.
  5. Use heading in the post and use “how, why, how much, what, who” in the heading.

Use structured data:

Google developer has already announced that structured data is also one of Google’s ranking factors. It is going to be even more important in 2018.

Please also tell you that it does not directly affect the search ranking of your site. But from this, the search engine correctly understands the content of your blog.

If your blog is on WordPress and you use a good theme then your blog may have pre-structured data. Because almost all developer makes SEO friendly theme only and schema data is added to it.

As I mentioned above, when schema data is added to a site, the search engine is aware of all its parts. This will increase the voice search visibility with your blog’s search engine visibility

Optimise For Mobile:

Mobile-friendliness has become a very big part of the ranking factor nowadays. Google says that it will never index sites that are not completely mobile friendly.

If there is a website that has products, then deal with Google in some way, but if you have a blog that has most of the post content then it’s mobile-friendly 101% is necessary.

If you want to bring your site without a mobile response to a good ranking in the search engine it is not possible. If your site is on WordPress then you do not have tension.

Because most themes of WordPress are mobile responsive only.

If your site is not being properly opened in mobile then try a mobile responsive theme. By the way, you will also find many free themes which are mobile friendly.

You all know that Google has made this announcement that Mobile-First Index That’s a great opportunity for you right now and you just optimize your site for Google mobile-first index. This article is helpful to you.

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All the 5 Top tips for voice search SEO that are mentioned above will help you to optimize your blog for voice search SEO.

In addition to optimizing for voice search, it is most important to use long-tail keywords in content and optimize the post for your users.

If you ask someone a blog visitor questions and want to know about it, then post for it.

I mean to post about what your visitors want to know about.

Hope you liked it, and if you like our blog, please tell your friends. If you have any questions related to Blogging or the Internet then comment.

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