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Newspaper Theme Activation Code – Envato Purchase Code License Key

Newspaper Theme: is a beautiful news theme, created by TagDiv, Envato Power Elite author, Keeping the publishing industry in mind. Built to handle large amounts of material, Newspaper features a bold and elegant design with the power of versatility. In addition, dedicated to professionalizing the website, the Newspaper should be a template for both beginners and advanced WordPress users.

Newspaper Theme is great support is also better. But then on a lovely rainy day, I decided to create another staging area on my Google Count example.

So I installed Ubuntu, prepared the files to connect to the server pilot, installed it, and finally added the WordPress app. I decided to start the staging area with the latest version of my newspaper topic. I logged into Envato and downloaded the theme.

Here is the process to activate Newspaper Theme or you can say bypass the theme activation of Newspaper Theme.

This process will work in Newspaper v8.5, 9.1, and v10!!

The theme activation message looks like this:

Features of Newspaper Theme

One of the best things about using WordPress to make your website is that you’ll get access to tons of handy plugins and themes. By installing a replacement theme, you’ll change up your site’s look and functionality in a matter of minutes. However, it’s important to pick the proper one.

Newspaper is a WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. We offer great support and friendly help

How to Activate the Newspaper Theme:

  • Step 1 – Install and Activate The Required Plugins
  • Step 2 – Go to the Dashboard area>Newspaper> Activate Theme.
  • Step 3 – Enter your Envato Purchase Code in The Required Area.
  • Step 4 – Press The Activate Theme Button.

Newspaper Theme Activation Code Free For WordPress

You Don’t need any Activation code to Activate Newspaper 9 and Newspaper 10+ Themes.

Earlier there is a different method to activate the Newspaper X theme. But recently the theme version has updated and that bug was fixed in the New Newspaper 10 version.

Newspaper 10 Theme activation is very easy. Please follow the steps:

To fix Newspaper X activation, you must change file td_ajax.php on /wp-content/themes/Newspaper/includes/wp_booster/td_ajax.php

Search for Code:

if (self::self_check($id, $ec, $ad) === true)

(which should be located on line 926 in my case)

Change To The Following:

if (self::self_check($id, $ec, $ad) === false)

Click & Save the file. That’s it!

Newspaper 10+ theme activation

  1. 1
    Login with Admin panel and Click the Dashboard
  2. 2
    Click Newspaper ->Activate theme
  3. 3
    Scroll down and click Activate the theme manually
  4. 4
    Envato Purchase Code: 214fa22d5364c4031ec46d8f44d833a1T
  5. 5
    TagDiv Activation code: 214fa22d5364c4031ec46d8f44d833a1
  6. 6
    Click activate

Here you go, the theme activated successfully without any activation code or purchase code.

Please write to me if you have any questions about activating the Newspaper 10+ version theme without the activation code.

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Hopefully, This Activation Method was Very helpful.😍 Did you like it? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below.

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