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How To Start A Blog In 2020

How to Start a Successful Blog in 2020, Choose your blog name and choosing your platform Blogger, WordPress, Wix, Medium, Subrion, Tumblr, Joomla, Yola, Hubpages, Contentful, Weebly,, SilverStripe Jekyll, & More...

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Some Popular Bloggers in India

Pritam Nagarale Founder of Moneyconnection

Pritam Nagrale involved in internet marketing since 2004 possesses knowledge in very diversified categories of internet marketing. Right from SEO, he can provide instant results through PPC and other paid marketing services. A good command to attract traffic from Social Media.

Harsh Agarwal,

Twenty-nine-year-old Harsh Agarwal started blogging as a hobby but is now making millions with it. He started out working at a call center in Gurgaon, and when his blogging picked up, he borrowed his friend’s credit card and purchased a host and domain, and that’s how ShoutMeLoud went online.

Amit Agarwal,

No list of tech bloggers is complete without Amit Agarwal’s name. This 39-year-old blogger brought professional tech blogging to India. A graduate from IIT Roorkee in Computer Science, Amit worked for a few years in Hyderabad before moving to Agra his hometown. “When I moved back, the only option I had was to start working as a freelancer.

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