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GeneratePress Premium Theme v2.0.3 Download Free [GPL]

Generatepress Premium Theme Latest Version Free Download v2.0.3 Download Free is searched by many people on Google but due to its high price, it is difficult to use generate press theme on their website. So today will GeneratePress theme premium latest version for free.

Generatepress Premium Theme Latest Version Free Download

If a new blogger wants to start his latest blog, he should follow the theme of Generatepress. Generate press theme is a very easy-to-use and easily customizable theme. I use my website for jumping in. I like this theme.

You can create very good websites and eye-catching websites by doing it on Elementor page builder with generate press theme.

Generatepress Premium Theme Latest Version Free Download

GP Premium is a plugin for the GeneratePress theme, which takes your site to the next level by adding premium modules support. You can easily create a unique layout for any niche site using the GeneratePress Premium theme.

It gives you full control of layout, colors, typography, navigation, spacing (padding and margin), copyright message, and lots of other things.

Generatepress Premium Theme Latest Version Free Download

If you don’t want to spend time on customization, then no need to worry, GP Premium allows you to import up to 25+ pre-built layouts in just one click from your WordPress dashboard.

GeneratePress Premium Theme Features

Generatepress Premium Theme Latest Version Free Download

  • Beautiful typography options
  • WooCommerce support
  • Sticky navigation menu
  • Padding and margin settings option
  • Infinite scroll
  • Featured image support with custom settings
  • Secondary navigation menu support
  • Its Own small page builder
  • Six layout options
  • Seven post formats support – Standard, Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link, and Status
  • Custom hooks and headers
  • Allows you to deactivate modules that you don’t need
  • Real-time customization options
  • Responsive design
  • Lightweight and clean codes
  • Recommended for Client projects
  • Fast loading speed
  • Focused on performance
  • Highly secure and stable
  • No render-blocking issues
  • Optimized for search engine bots
  • Schema markup
  • 25+ ready to use site library
  • 60+ color options

GeneratePress Premium theme v2.0.3 New features

Generatepress Premium Theme Latest Version Free Download

  • Menu Plus: Improve consistency of overlay off-canvas panel focus when opening with the keyboard.
  • Remove existing on-the-fly featured image resizer (Image Processing Queue).
  • Use CSS to further resize featured images if necessary.
  • Changed scroll variable to up scroll in smooth scroll script to avoid conflicts.
  • Some other WooCommerce and Translation-related improvements and bug fixes.
  • Updated responsive widths in Customizer.
  • Fixed sticky navigation jump when navigation branding is in use.
  • Fixed visible block editor when Sections are enabled.
  • Added object-fit to images using height only.
  • Sections: Fix visible block editor when Sections are enabled.
  • Translation: Updated Finnish.

Explore Generatepress premium modules

Published on24-05-2020
Updated on08-08-2021
File Type100% Clean GPL
Generatepress Premium Theme Latest Version Free Download

SITE LIBRARY – Importable demo sites to give you a headstart on your next project.

COLORS – Take control of your site colors using over 60 color options.

TYPOGRAPHY – Over 70 typography options give you complete control over your site text.

TYPOGRAPHY – Over 70 typography options give you complete control over your site text.

ELEMENTS – Dynamic page heros, an advanced hook system, and custom theme layouts.

Woocommerce – Add more color, typography, and layout options to your WooCommerce store.

MENU PLUS – Sticky navigation, off-canvas navigation, mobile header, and more!

SPACING – Control the sizes, padding & margin of your site elements.

BLOG – Featured image controls, columns & masonry, infinite scroll & more.

SECONDARY NAV – Add second navigation with all the same options as the primary navigation.

BACKGROUNDS – Add background images and options throughout your site elements.

SECTIONS – Our own tiny page builder. Break out of the content area with Sections.

DISABLE ELEMENTS – Turn off various theme elements on specific pages throughout your site.

COPYRIGHT – Replace the copyright message at the bottom of your site.

Questions and Answers about GeneratePress premium theme

  1. Questions. How do I use the GeneratePress premium theme?
  2. Answers. It’s simple, Just download the given file and follow the instruction given in installing the guide video.
  3. Questions. What is a GeneratePress premium theme?
  4. Answers. GeneratePress is a WordPress theme as well known highly optimized and very well coded WordPress theme.
  5. Questions. Is GeneratePress free?
  6. Answers. Technically answer is Yes, you will find a free version of generate press theme in your WordPress theme section but in the free version, you won’t experience that premium features.
  7. Questions. What theme works best with Elementor?
  8. answers. Generatepress theme with elementor plugin you can create an eye-catching well-optimized website with good page speed
  9. p[;’Questions. Is it the best theme to be used with landing page builders?
  10. Answers. one answer yes definitely
  11. Questions. How many sites you can use GeneratePress premium gpl on?
  12. Answers. unlimited!

GeneratePress theme Premium Free download lInks



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GP Premium Theme Installation Guide

Generatepress premium theme Installing Video

Generatepress Premium Theme Latest Version Free Download

How To Free Download GeneratePress 3.0 Alpha/Beta

What’s is new?

GeneratePress 2.0 focuses largely on performance and usability. Here are some of the major changes.

No more jQuery

All of the theme javascript has been re-written from scratch. When you install the free theme now, jQuery is no longer loaded! This reduces your page size quite considerably.

This is the main testing point – things like your dropdown menu, click the dropdown menu, navigation search, etc… They should all work the same as before, just with no big jQuery library.

Full accessibility

2.0 has been reviewed by the WordPress.org accessibility team and passed all of their tests. We can now say the theme is 100% accessible!

New default font

Starting in 2.0, Open Sans has been removed as the default font. We’ve switched to a simple System Stack, which again reduces your page size considerably. Of course, this won’t overwrite the font you’ve chosen, this will only apply to fresh sites with no saved options.

Font Awesome essentials

Instead of loading the entire Font Awesome library, only the essentials will load by default. If you’re updating GP on an existing site, we’ll set it to the full library automatically for you, as we don’t want to break any icons you have in your content.

Dynamic CSS caching

Many of your Customizer options write CSS for you and output it to your pages. Instead of generating this dynamic CSS on every page load, we cache it in the database and serve the cached CSS instead. As you can imagine, this is a big performance boost.

On the first load, the CSS will be cached and added to the database. Any time you save the Customizer options, the cache will bust and get updated with your new CSS.

PHP performance

We’ve profiled our PHP and removed small performance bottlenecks. These are micro-optimizations but will increase the speed of your website.

The Layout metabox

Instead of having a bunch of separate meta boxes polluting your screen as you add pages and posts, we’ve merged all of our meta boxes into one master Layout meta box.

Retina logos

We added a new option in Customize > Site Identity to upload a retina logo. This method uses srcset to show your retina logo on screens that support it.

File structure completely re-organized

We went through every single function and re-organized how the theme code is structured. This makes the theme much easier to navigate for developers looking for specific functions etc…

WordPress coding standards

We cleaned our code up considerably, following WordPress coding standards very strictly.

Child theme changes

In 2.0, the generate_sidebars hook has been removed. It was causing a PHP bottleneck and hurting performance.

If you’re using a child theme with custom page templates, you will need to replace this hook with the new generate_after_primary_content_area hook, and add the sidebars function. You can see these new elements by viewing the page.php file in 2.0.

Of course, we kept backward compatibility so your sidebars won’t disappear when you update.

Things to look for

Here’s a couple of things to look for when testing the beta:

  1. Any obvious errors or issues?
  2. The mobile menu still works as it did before.
  3. Sub-menu dropdown methods (hover, click, arrow click) all work as they did before.
  4. Navigation search and back to top button work as they did before.
  5. Font Awesome Essentials are turned off on existing websites.
  6. Font Awesome Essentials are set on fresh installs.
  7. Dynamic CSS caching is turned off on existing websites.
  8. Dynamic CSS caching is set on fresh installs.
  9. Retina logo works on retina screens – existing logos aren’t affected.
  10. The new master Layout meta box works flawlessly.

Deprecated functions

We’ve deprecated some functions we no longer need.

  • generate_get_min_suffix()
  • generate_add_layout_meta_box()
  • generate_show_layout_meta_box()
  • generate_save_layout_meta()
  • generate_add_footer_widget_meta_box()
  • generate_show_footer_widget_meta_box()
  • generate_save_footer_widget_meta()
  • generate_add_page_builder_meta_box()
  • generate_show_page_builder_meta_box()
  • generate_save_page_builder_meta()
  • generate_add_de_meta_box()
  • generate_show_de_meta_box()
  • generate_save_de_meta()
  • generate_add_base_inline_css()
  • generate_color_scripts()
  • generate_typography_scripts()
  • generate_spacing_scripts()

Removed filters

Some filters have been removed, as they have core filters you can use instead.

  • generate_leave_reply
  • generate_cancel_reply

Download Free FHere GeneratePress 3.0 Alpha/Beta


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