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Garena Free Fire OB31 Updates, Features – Release Date 2021

Garena free fire OB31 Update: Garena confirms the release date of Free Fire upcoming OB31 updates, get an OB31 release date, features, updates details here.

If you want to know about the free fire OB31 release date, or advance server pre-registration release date and patch notes, also let’s know when all these OB31 updates will come. This is the anticipated release date of OB31, it isn’t officially blazoned by Garena Free Fire, this is also the anticipated release date of OB31 from our platoon.

In this article, we are going to discuss about Garena Upcoming Free Fire OB31 Updates, It’s upcoming features, release date with latest updates related all informations. So stay tuned with and be updated on time.

What Is Free Fire OB31 Update?

OB 31 update are that interpretation of game in which forthcoming features are added into and this is given to some limited players to test its capability that how it’ll perform in the finalversion.However, they might also award you with some in- game particulars, If you’re chancing any issue or bug in the game and report it to the inventor.

In Free Fire OB Update generally comes formerly after every 2 months, and it lasts for around 6-7 hours to complete.

Garena Free Fire OB31 Updates, Features - Release Date 2021
Garena Free Fire OB31 Updates, Features – Release Date 2021

About of Free fire 0B31 Update?

Every many months, Free Fire receives upgrades that enhance its experience. The former interpretation, dubbed the OB30 patch, was published in late September and offered a significant volume of new material.

Druggies are formerly looking forward to the forthcoming OB31 update and are staying with bated breath for it to arrive. Then’s when players might be suitable to get their hands on it.

Although this is one of the most bandied subjects in the game’s community, the inventors have yet to advertise a release date for the OB31 update.
The antedating releases, on the other hand, followed a pattern in that they were released a day before the end of the Clash Squad Ranked Season and Gold Royale.

Given that the current season and Gold Royale will expire on December 1, 2021, the OB31 patch might arrive as beforehand as November 30, 2021, which is only three weeks down.

On the day of the patch, there will be a conservation break, and druggies will be unfit to pierce the game. This generally occurs between the hours of 9:30 a.m. IST (GMT5.30) and 600p.m. IST (GMT5.30).
Still, it should be noted that this is simply a guesstimation, and Garena will give a precise release date in the coming weeks, so players should stay tuned.

Also, before OB31 is released, a Free Fire Advanced Garçon will most probably be made accessible, allowing druggies to test out the new capabilities before they’re officially enforced.

Free Fire OB31 Update Release Date?

Free Fire OB30 update was released on December 1, 2021, Then’s the coming Free Fire OB31 Update with another new particulars. The anticipated release date of Free Fire OB31 update is 1st December 2021.

Once the update is officially released, you wo n’t be suitable to log in to the game for 6 hrs from 09:00 AM to 04:30 PM. So do n’t get upset if Free Fire isn’t opening moment. It’s because garçon conservation is going on and will be fixed by 0500 PM with new streamlined features.

EventRelease Date/Time
Free Fire OB30 UpdateSeptember 28, 2021
Free Fire OB31 UpdateNovember 30, 2021
Release & End Time09:00 AM – 04:30 PM

Free Fire OB31 Update Upcoming Features?

There was so many updates are coming with free fire OB31 Update. New lobby changes, New pet, Riddle characters, Munitions, Pet mania mode- According to the garena free fire OB31 will release on 1st December 2021 with lot’s of existing features.

Here we have shared Free Fire OB31 Updates upcoming features and upcoming events releted all information. You can check the upcoming features of OB31 from below.

  • New Character – Nairi. Nairi is a storm chaser devoted to climate technology..
  • New Character – Sverr. Credits Gamer’s Zone YT..
  • New Pet – Yeti..
  • New Weapon MAC-10..
  • New Medium – Fire From Inside Vehicle..
  • New Vehicle – Scooter.
  • New Mode – Akimbo Activator..
  • New System – Mentoring System.
  • New lobby – changes
  • New mode-Pet mania
  • New clash shqard-session 10

Free Fire OB31 Updates will come with 14 new exiting features, here we have shared the complete details about Free Fire OB31 Updates and features.

#1: New Character 1 – Nairi

Free Fire Nairi Character Updates, Special Ability, Release Date
Free Fire Nairi Character Updates, Special Ability, Release Date

Nairi is a storm chaser devoted to climate technology. It’s going to be a womanish character. As of now no other leaks of the character available except her name and description. We’ll modernize then as soon as we get to know about her special capability.

#2: New Character 2 – Sverr

New Character 2 – Sverr
Free fire upcoming character Sveer – Free Fire OB31 Updates

Sverr is a top- league MMA fighter and comes to Free Fire as a manly character. The character was first spotted in one of the videotape campers released by Garena for Free Fire. Latterly it was made available as a playable character in the Advanced server released before the OB31 update.

But, he still didn’t make his way to the game, so we can anticipate him with the OB31 update.

Sverr comes with an Active Skill called‘ Going Berserk.’His special capability increases the damage suffered to the adversary as his HP gets reduced. At position 1, it consumes 40HP to increase damage by 10, and the number increases as you level up the character.

#3: Mistery character – 3

when the character eliminates an adversary. The position of other adversaries within 25 m of the elimination spot will be revealed not only that but also word will be participated with teammates.

#4: Myster character – 4

Ability – This character recovers 5 hp after surviving a combat.

#5 New Pet – Agent hop

You’ll see Agent hop as a new pet in ob31 update. Ebility – The pet gains ep everytime when the safe zone shrinks.

#6: New Pet – Yeti

Like all the former OB updates, with the OB31 update, a new pet will also be introduced in the game. It’ll be named‘Yeti.’As of now, its special capability is unknown; we will modernize then as soon as we get to know anything.

Yeti Free fire Upcoming Pet – Free Fire OB31 Updates
Yeti Free fire Upcoming Pet – Free Fire OB31 Updates

The pet is coming with three skins

Ethnical Yeti When you see a glowing herbage fleck in the snow, you know you ’ve plant their lineageFiery Yeti A traditional costume of these snow monsters, they prefer fire, supposedly. Funky Yeti He can move to any beat despite his body shape.

#7: New Weapon MAC-10

Ebility – The New MAC-10 SMG Weapon has a erected-in Silencer that will hide your position from the minimap while blasting. But as we know, SMG munitions are only work in a short- range and utmost of the time, Adversaries are apprehensive of yourposition.This gun can be attached with attributes similar as Compass, Foregrip, and a magazine.

The MAC-10 SMG Gun comes with 30 pellets per magazine. This is a balanced armament of High damage, Rate of Fire, andScope.While Firing, The armament deals 132 damage in a headshot when the adversary isn’t wearing a helmet and a body shot deals 24 damage per shot.

#8: Medium – Fire From Inside Vehicle

Analogous to other same kidney games, Free Fire will also be introducing the point of firing at adversaries from inside the vehicles. Now, it’ll be delightful to fight like mobsters in Free Fire also. Garena has also revealed this new medium in one of the campers.

#9: New Vehicle – Scooter

Free fire OB31 Update – New Scooter
Free fire OB31 Update – New Scooter

In one of the lately released campers by Garena, the new Shirou character of Free Fire can be seen riding a Scooter. It’s anticipated to be introduced as a new vehicle in Free Fire with the OB31 update.

#10: New Mode – Akimbo Activator

A new mode named‘Akimbo Activator’will be introduced in the game. As the name itself suggest, it would spark akimbo mode for all the ordnance. In simple words, whatever ordnance the mode will have, you’ll be suitable to use them one in one hand, which means two of them contemporaneously.

In this mode, the akimbo mode can be actuated during the armament outfit. There would be a high-tech glove that allows the mixed binary running of certain munitions. Another would be a high-tech sleeve that allows for mixed double running of all the munitions. Farther details are yet to be released.

#11: New System – Mentoring System

It lets you find a tutor who’ll help you develop and immerse yourself in the world of Free Fire. After scale, you can also come a tutor and help new players. You have to complete the assigned rank demand in CS or BR to come a tutor and have pimps.

New players can come a pimp and have instructors. The tutor- pimp relationship can develop in any direction. The prospective pupil must accept the study request. A member can only have 3 pimps at a time, while a pimp can only have 1 tutor. In relation to the pimp, points will be awarded, accumulated and changed for prices.

#12: New lobby changes

Now the exchanges will appear on the top of the character in the forthcoming ob31 update.

#13: New pet mania

You’ll see a new pet mania mode in ob31 update. This mode will be kind of fall of guys game and experience is going to amazing.

#14: Clash Squard session 10 speculation

season on 1st December 2021. Also, players will be suitable to see the new gold royal item. Players should remember that analogous to the aged OB update, the garçon will be maintaining a break on the release date and no bone can pierce the game. After the release of the new cs ranked season,

players will be handed with season 9 end prices on their correspondence. It has been blurted that players will get a new M1887 gun skin on the Gold league and a red manly full shirt on the heroic league as a price.

Free Fire OB31 Update download size patche

In the coming Free Fire OB31 update new features that have been added into the game have been mentioned below

GameGarena Free Fire
TypeAdvance Server
OB31 Update Size500MB – 2GB

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How to play Play Free fire OB31 Update with Advance Server?

In Free Fire Advance Garçon, players can test out the new features, report bugs to the inventors and give feedback to ameliorate the game further. Once the game is approved by game testers and inventors, it ’ll go on as a new patch on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Still, the Advance

Server interpretation is a different operation, and it isn’t available on both Play Store and App Store. Now that you ’re familiar with how a Free Fire Advance Garçon works, check out how to register for the same using your Facebook login ID.

Free Fire OB31 Update Advance Server Release Date

OB31 Advanced Garçon remains open for only 8 days from November 16, 2021, to November 23, 2021. So you can test all the forthcoming features before the final release in global waiters.

OB31 Advance ServerNovember 15, 2021
OB31 Advance Server RegistrationNovember 11, 2021

How To Download Free fire OB31 Update Advanced Server?

  • Step 1 Go To Free Fire Advance server Functionary Website
  • Step 2 Tap on Login Facebook
  • Step 3 Click on Download APK
  • Step 4 Install downloaded APK
  • Step 5 Open the game & login with your Facebook I’d or Guest mood.

How To Login Into Free Fire OB31 Update Advanced Server?

The Advanced Garçon used to come with a single‘Facebook Login’ option until the OB23 Advanced Garçon. The Facebook account was to be the same as you used at the time of enrollment. Bur from the OB24 Advance Garçon, inventors introduced one further option of‘Guest Login.’

With the preface of this new login option, a new demand of a unique law/ Activation Law has been introduced. The inventors shoot this law to the dispatch address handed at the time of enrollment, but only to many players as Advance Garçon can only accommodate a limited number of players.

So before downloading the OB31 Advance Garçon APK, make sure you have entered the Activation Law over your registered dispatch. Because only using this law you’ll be suitable to log in on Advanced Garçon; else there’s no sense in wasting your internet data on downloading the APK and getting wedged at the login screen.

Still, open the Advanced Garçon APK, If you get the law. Log in using any login option and enter the Activation Law on the coming screen. Now you’re all set to witness the new features coming with the new update.

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Report Bugs In Free fire OB31 Update Advance Server To Earn Free Diamonds

Still, it can be the golden chance for you to admit some free diamonds on your original Free Fire account, If you have entered the activation law. To get these free diamonds, you have to report bugs and glitches you encounter while playing on the Advance Garçon.

There are a aggregate of three prizes 3000, 2000, and 1000 diamonds. So a aggregate of 6 players hack snare these 6000 diamonds grounded on their donation to chancing bugs.

There’s also a special price of 100 diamonds for the players who report the first- ever unknown bug in the Advanced Garçon. To report the bugs & glitches, a‘Report’ button is available in the Advance server APK. So download the OB31 Advance server to witness new forthcoming features and snare some free diamonds.

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Finally after a long time Garena has announced the release date of Free Fire OB31 Updates, it’s will appear on 30 November 2021 in India Server.

All of over the article, we have discussed about Garena upcoming Freefire OB31 Updates. If you have any queries on this topic, You can raise a comment below. Thank You!!!

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