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3 BGMI Best Gun Combinations [Perfect For Everyone]

3 BGMI Best Gun Combinations has a large list of weapons where each weapon has their own specialty and most of the weapons seems to be useful. But we are confused to decide which weapon we should choose. So in this article, I will be sharing a complete guide to the best gun combinations in BGMI for aggressive gameplay.

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Idle weapons not only improve their F/D but also helps in improving skills. But it totally depends upon your selection of weapons which you are choosing. Better weapons you choose, the better gameplay you can achieve.

BGMI Best Gun Combinations
BGMI Best Gun Combinations

3 BGMI Best Gun Combinations

Here are the three best gun combinations for BGMI, you can use any of the following combinations:

#1. AKM & M416: Best BGMI Gun Combinations

AKM + M416, both these are the finest assault rifle of BGMI that quickly deals with great damage in every shot. From these two weapons, you can choose AKM as the primary weapon for the close-range shots, and for Mid as well as long-range shots M416 is perfect for spraying in 6X scope.

#2. M416 & DP-28: Best BGMI Gun Combinations

In this combo, one is Assault Rifle whereas another one is Light Machine Gun, and both these are best for spraying with automatic modes. To take down a player in min shots DP-28 is good to go weapon. M416 will help you in quick reloading, whereas damage delivery and reloading is higher in DP-28. So players can consider DP-28 as a backup weapon.

#3. Groza & M249: Best BGMI Gun Combinations

Both these weapons are venomous and their every shot is like finishing the enemy. Players can pick up Groza from the airdrop, and in close-range combat, there is not any gun better than both these two weapons. I can easily take down a player. M249 contains 150 bullets also available on the battlefield, so players can pick this up.

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These are some of the finest weapons combinations that you can choose in BGMI. These combinations will always be grateful for their specified range. If you have any further queries about weapon combination in BGMI or want to drop better suggestions then don’t forget to drop them in the below comments

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