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5 Best SMGs In BGMI/Pubg [High Damaging SMGs] Best SMG In BGMI

Best SMG In BGMI: has a variety of weapons and from different categories, and SMG is one of the best gun categories where you can find high firing rate guns that have the capacity to deal amazing damage in less time.

There are many BGMI players whose favorite gun belongs to SMG because of their high firing rate which is very much useful in low-range combat. I have noticed that for a quick fight there is not any weapon better than SMG.

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5 Best SMGs In BGMI

Here are all the best SMGs available in Battlegrounds Mobile India, that can be used for close-range combat.

GunDamageFire RateMuzzle Velocity
UMP4541670 RPM370 m/s
Tommy Gun40N/A270m/s
Vector311200 RPM350m/s
Micro Uzi261250 RPM350m/s
MP5K33900 RPM400m/s

#1. UMP45: Best Smg in Bgmi

UMP45 has been always the most popular SMG and has always been destructive in the game when you are in a fight at close-range combat. Earlier the gun was named UMP9, but now its name is changed to UMP45 and uses .45 ACP. You can also control its stability with a suppressor and 3X Scope.

#2. Tommy Gun: Best Smg in Bgmi

Thompson SMG is also known as Tommy Gun is considered as one of the high damage delivery SMG of BGMI. It uses .45ACP ammo that can fire 50 ammo at once after adding extended mag. But it uses only a red dot and vertical foregrip.

#3. Vector: Best Smg in Bgmi

In BGMI when it comes to Fire Rate there is no comparison of vectors. It has a massive fire rate that can finish or knockdown an enemy easily. It uses a compensator and suppressor as extensions. After picking Vector, it contains 19 bullets, which can be extended to 33 after adding extended mag. For close-range combat, it is considered as one of the finest and high damaging weapon of weapons in BGMI SMG.

#4. Micro Uzi: Best Smg in Bgmi

Almost every opponent fears MicroUZI when it appears in front of them as it holds 25 ammo of 9 mm which can be increased to 35 by adding extended mag. It becomes destructive because of its high fire rate, and now it is considered a game-changer weapon.

#5. MP5K: Best Smg in Bgmi

Players don’t like MP5K because of its slow reloading speed, whereas it has massive damage when fired against an opponent. Initially, it comes with 30 ammo, but it increases up to 40 ammo when an extended mag is used. Its Muzzle Velocity is 400 m/s and its Fire Rate is 900RPM.

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These are the 5 Best SMGs In BGMI these High Damaging SMGs are always preferred by most of the players and love using them no AR or sniper is found, and they use it as the primary weapon in many situations.

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