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6 Best High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives 2020

A lot of new bloggers think that Adsense is the only way to monetize their blog. Later or soon many will be disappointed if they face rejection or get banned from Adsense; Due to this many people can quit blogging.

If you are one of them, don’t worry. You are in the right place, I am here to help you; As you can see, I do not use Adsense on this blog because it is not really suitable for my audience, yet I make a fair amount of money from affiliate marketing and other sources. If you cannot get an Adsense account then you should not lose hope.

In this article, I will be sharing some of the best high paying Google Adsense options that you can use on your blog to earn money.


There are hundreds of ad networks on the Internet, but only a few are good. If you are struggling to get an AdSense approval or have already been rejected, you can try using the best high paying Google Adsense alternative advertising network listed below.

Best High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives

S.NOSignupAdsense Alternatives
S.NO – 1More InfoMedia.net
S.NO – 2 More InfoInfolinks
S.NO – 3More InfoRevenueHits
S.NO – 4More InfoBidvertiser
S.NO – 5More InfoShareASale
S.NO – 6More Info Adversal



Media.net is another best option for Adsense. Media.net is a contextual advertising network from Yahoo! And Bing. It provides customized ad units for your site, ads will also be shown on mobile phones and tablets.

Media.net ads are highly customizable for better user experience. It automatically optimizes each impression with a single ad tag. Media.net gives you easy access to high-quality ads by connecting with all major buyer networks. You can sign up for Media.net for free.



Infolinks is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives which pays a good amount for its publishers. Infolinks is a text-based ad that does not require a lot of space in your site to show ads. Infolinks show up in text or pop up ads.

Infolinks offers 4 types of advertisements – in-fold, in-text, in-frame and in-tag advertisements.

The best thing about Infolinks is that it is quite easy to approve. They have no strict terms and conditions compared to Adsense. You can read my detailed information to know more.



RevenueHit is another advertising network that helps publishers generate more revenue with state-of-the-art and geo-targeted ad serving technology.

Revenue Performance The innovative performance base (CPA) advertising network was designed to help publishers monetize online assets including toolbars, websites, searches, widgets, IM applications and more. RevenueHits pay through the wire, PayPal or Payoneer. The minimum payment is $ 20.



Bidvertiser is another pay-per-click advertising network that can be considered as the best Adsense option if you have a hard time whether you are approved or banned Adsense. With advertisers, you pay for each visitor who clicks on an ad, and an additional revenue if the click turns into a conversion.

Bidvertiser provides you with a simple point and clicks tool to help you customize the layout of the ad, to fit the look and feel of your site, to maintain the high quality of your website.



ShareASale is an affiliate network that allows you to earn commissions based on your referrals and sales. At ShareASale, you can choose from thousands of products that suit your niche.

ShareASale is also paying $ 1 for each eligible affiliate who signs up through your link and $ 150 for each merchant sign-up.

The minimum payment for a ShareASale affiliate is $ 50 and it pays via check or direct deposit.



Adversal is another ad network that can be considered as an AdSense alternative. It has a good CTR, but has some advisory requirements; Your sites should have a minimum of 50,000 page views per month.

Adversal offers several ad formats with a 100% fill rate. Advisory payments are made on a Net 35 basis, meaning that payments are made 35 days after the end of the month. The minimum payment is $ 20. You can join Adversal for free.

Last word

Above I have listed the 6 best high paying Google Adsense options. You can use any of these advertising networks to earn money. You can use and test to test which of these AdSense options works better for you.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Let’s take a look at some of these Google AdSense alternatives to find out more about how you can further monetize your website or blog:

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